Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Pie Allen Neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona

Pie Allen Neighborhood

In 1876 John Brackett “Pie” Allen was elected as the 4th. Mayor of Tucson. Following a failed attempt as a gold miner he began...
Wonderful Ice House Lofts in Millville

Millville Neighborhood

Millville Neighborhood was traditionally an industrial area serving Tucson and surrounding areas within reach of the Southern Pacific Line. Bordering the rail line to...
Colorful Decor in Menlo Park and Mercado District

Menlo Park – Mercado District Neighborhood

At the west end of the new street car line you will find the newest evolution of an area which has been continuously inhabited...
Iron Horse Memorial Park in Tucson

Iron Horse Neighborhood

Just north of Broadway and nestled between downtown and the U of A is the Iron Horse Neighborhood. Trains were often referred to as...
Visit El Presidio in Tucson's El Presidio

El Presidio Neighborhood

El Presidio is where it all began for Tucson. Predominately a Historic Residential district, it boasts some of the most interesting architecture. Homes Dating...
Beautiful Murals in Dunbar Springs

Dunbar Springs Neighborhood

Just north of Downtown is the Dunbar Springs Neighborhood known as a small historic neighborhood of cultural diversity. Its’ name is derived from two...
Barrio Viejo Homes For Sale

Barrio Viejo Neighborhood

West of Armory Park and south of Cushing street, Bario Viejo, Spanish for Old Neighborhood, is nestled amongst the Tucson Convention Center to the...
Downtown Tucson Armory Park Neighborhood

Armory Park Neighborhood

Named for the Armory established shortly after Arizona became a state in 1912. The original armory building now serves as the senior center and...