Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Flash Flooding

Flash Flooding can Kill: Please Stay Safe During Monsoon Season

During a Tucson monsoon, Darren and I dealt with some small flash flooding in downtown. It is a nail biting experience and I can assure...
Summer Heat

Summer Heat: How to Survive Right Here in Tucson

Honestly, finding something to do in the summer heat in-between hugging your air conditioner and gulping down gallons water can be quite challenging. So...

Understanding Haboobs: What are They? How Do They Occur?

We unfortunately got stuck in one of these bad boys. Darren and I were on our way back from learning to list our clients...

What You Should Do if Caught in a Monsoon Storm

What you should do if caught in a Monsoon Storm Hey, it's Darrin and Tony Ray. This is a monsoon storm middle of July and...

How to Survive a Tucson Monsoon Season

5 things to remember this Tucson Monsoon season: 1. Know when the Monsoon season starts. The monsoon season starts June 15th and will continue until September 30th,...