How to Get 60 lbs. of Produce for $10 and Cook It

The Best Deal on Produce in Town & Cooking Classes

Have you heard of Market on the Move?

Market on the Move is an affordable produce program in Tucson, AZ that provides a farmers’ market atmosphere.

The way it is works is, you give them $10 and you receive up to 60 lbs of fresh produce. You do not need to register or pre-pay– you simply show up at one of the many designated locations around Tucson and you can find out where and more info by visiting their website.

Imagine making your own fresh salsas, salads, sauces and soups! This is a great starting place to affordably feed your family, and maybe even the whole neighborhood! With the seasonal rotating selection of produce you might encounter vegetables you’ve never tasted; experimenting with new foods and recipes may be in your horizon. If the cooking and food preparation is new to you, there are many great classes around Tucson to teach you how to make veggie creations that are delicious and healthy.

Plant-based cooking compliments any diet from vegan, vegetarian, paleo to the standard american diet; there is something for everyone in learning how to prepare veggies.

Did you know that Tucson has a lot of beautiful people who are passionate about sharing this knowledge? Very skilled, highly knowledgeable people who want to share this information so people can be healthier. Here are some of amazing resources that I know of:

  • The Tucson Conspiracy Co-Op grocery store offers many low cost classes all year round. Check their calendar at Co-Op website and visit and like their facebook page for all the info.
  • Sana Raw is a local plant based education and gourmet food business that is owned by the lovely chef, Sarah Hart. Sarah teaches many different classes that are educational and so much fun. Many of the classes teach you how to make recipes live while you watch. Then you get to sample each thing and are served a meal at the end. You go home with all the recipes and you’ll be amazed at how good the foods taste. You can go to the Sana Raw website and add their facebook page for more info.
  • Chef Kathy Iannacone is another great teacher in town. She used to own many local restaurants including Urban Fresh downtown (Which she sold to the new owners but they still uphold the foundation that she built). She now focuses her energy on teaching others how easy and fun cooking with plants can be and is especially passionate about youth education. She has many different classes that teach the basics all the way through the more fancy things. In all the classes she demonstrates each thing and gives everyone samples so you can learn along with her. Think cooking show, but you actually get to eat the food! At the end, a full meal is served and you leave with all the recipes and instructions. She does not have a website but you can find her on facebook or reach via her by email. Kathy sends a newsletter to spread the word about her classes and upcoming events. Send her an email and ask her to add you.
  • Chef Robert Oscar also known as the Hippy Vegan is a professor at Pima who teaches many classes around town. He has many plant-based recipes on his Hippy Vegan facebook page and also shares his upcoming classes there. One particular class he teaches at Pima is a class the combines gardening and cooking to teach people all about the garden to table lifestyle. Very cool.
  • Urban Fresh is a restaurant downtown and is another great resource. This plant-based cafe can provide you with a taste of how good cooking plants can be and they sometimes have cooking classes as well. They have a daily rotating lunch special on weekdays that is also quite affordable (under $9 & includes a drink). The foods are always fresh and homemade. Check the Urban Fresh website for more about them and like them on facebook for daily postings on what the lunch specials are or simply stop by

If you try some of the classes and taste some of the foods to discover that this lifestyle inspires you, you can even train to become a raw food chef right here in Tucson, AZ. Pure Joy Planet is the top place to get raw chef certified in the country and the owner, Elaina Love lives here. You can take the full certification courses but they also offer occasional cooking classes, free smoothy demos and cleansing classes. Check the Pure Joy Planet website for more info and for recipes and like their facebook page to stay in the loop about upcoming classes and demos.