Why I Started Drinking Green Smoothies

The Doctor Wanted me to Take Drugs, but I Started Drinking Green Smoothies
The Doctor Wanted me to Take Drugs, but I Started Drinking Green Smoothies

At my last yearly physical, my doctor expressed a lot of concern. So much that he waived his finger in the air and use words like, “I am putting you on medication, and you have to get this under control and you’re going to have to take drugs”. Okay, maybe not those exact words, but that’s what I heard

According to my tests, my LDL cholesterol was really bad and so were my triglycerides and my HDL and my blood sugar and anything and everything that was connected. The scores were off the charts and the doc wanted me to start medication immediately. Of course I said no to taking any medications and luckily he isn’t the drug pushing type, so he gave me four months to change something, or else.

Frankly, I was in denial. I had always been fit; waist size only fluctuated a little here and there over the years. I thought I ate healthy, six little meals a day. I always had veggies with meat, dairy and whole grain. I was great at creating the balanced meal, or so I thought.

Reality is, I was eating meat and dairy with every meal. Thought nothing of it; got to have protein, right? Well, apparently things have changed and I didn’t get the notice. I missed the memo.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, is teaching children to garden and eat veggies for a reason. Most all other countries eat meat and dairy as a side dish to veggies (main dish) for a reason. Me carnivore, me no understand this new way of eating. That’s not what they told me when I was a kid!

Needless to say, I told my doctor that I would fix it. I didn’t know how at the time, but I would. As usual, the universe stepped in. Within a week, my friend, Beth Muehlhausen, called me from Phoenix and told me that I had to watch a movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I was a little shocked and wondered if I should be insulted. I had only gained 5 or 6 pounds and my waist size was only up from a 30 to a 32. Come to find out, she just thought I would love the movie. I can not thank Beth enough.

I found the movie on Netflix, put it in the queue and watched it the next day. The movie had profound, life changing information for me and several others whom I have since told about the movie as well. And that’s how I started the ‘ green smoothie a day ’ challenge.

And the results are in, after just 60 days: LDL Cholesterol, 62. Yep, 62! And triglycerides are down 300 points and everything else is perfect. No drugs necessary, my pants fit perfect and I feel better than ever. My doc was surprised, told me to eat an egg, 62 is too low.

How I did it: I did 14 days of green smoothies, 3 times a day. After 14 days, I drank at least one green smoothie every day and started eating much better food. I am still drinking my smoothie every day; that was August of 2011. I am drinking a green smoothie (well, today it’s purple due to the blueberries) as I type this.

About my green smoothie, I truly believe the ingredient that made all the difference is the avocado pit. Yes, the avocado pit. I put my basic green smoothie recipe for you here.

With the help of the Blendtec Blender, you can pulverize the avocado pit into very fine particles. You won’t even know it’s in your green smoothie. Well, if you put too much, it could make the green smoothie a little bitter tasting. I think a quarter of a pit is perfect for one green smoothie and half a pit is good if you are making two green smoothies.