Sugar Cravings?

Suffering from Post-Holiday sugar crash?

If you’re struggling with post-holiday sugar crash, take special care to not get sucked into sugar’s addictive nature. Sugar makes us feel good (at least temporarily), so we naturally crave more and more of it, which makes us keep going and going until we’re overly tired and cranky.

If you find yourself lethargic, restless, scattered and maybe even impatient and grouchy with the one who gave you the sugar this week, just realize that these are simply “signs” your body is giving you. It’s asking for your help to get back in balance.

To stop the sugar cravings, try slowing down. Your body is probably exhausted from having to figure out what to do with all of the excess sugar (i.e. toxins). In case you don’t know what it does with it, your liver converts it to fatty acids or triglycerides……which shows itself as FAT around your middle….and higher cholesterol, among other kind of scary things.

Think twice before indulging and listen to your body. Get some sleep, take a bath, drink some warm (decaf) tea. Eat extra veggies and whole grains this week. Your body could be craving real nutrition after getting more than its share of non-nutrition from sugar.