Tony Ray’s Green Smoothie Recipe

I never knew that my green smoothie adventure would take me where it has. I have certainly changed my eating habits. I crave different foods and I see food very differently than I ever did before.

I also had no idea that so many people would be interested in green smoothies and how to make them. Listed below are some of the basic ingredients I use in my green smoothies. This is not to say my green smoothie is right for everyone, it’s just what I choose to make.

That being said, there are a ton of recipes out there, Google green smoothie and you will find a lot of great recipes. If you buy a Blendtec Blender, it comes with an awesome recipe book with over 350 recipes for green smoothies, soups, deserts and sauces. You can read more about the Blentec Blender here.

Here is the recipe I use with my Blendtec Blender; it makes enough for two smoothies. You can cut the recipe in half for a single smoothie or just drink a lot. You can add more or less or none of any item below. The items below are in the order I place them in the blender.

10 oz of Water or Aloe Vera Juice or any other liquid you like

1 tablespoon of Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds
1 tablespoon of Chia SeedsAvacado Green Smoothie Realtor Recipes Tucson AZ
1 tablespoon of Flax Seeds
1 tablespoon of Hemp Seeds

Half of an Avocado Pit
1 hand full of Spinach,
Kale or other greens
Some fresh cut Wheat Grass

Hit the smoothie button

One whole Apple with seeds, core, skin and stem
1 Kiwi with the skin
1 round slice of Pineapple,
the core is the best part
1 Cutie Orange, I peel off the skin and use everything else
1 Lime, I peel off the skin and use everything else

Frozen Berries to top it off and make it cold

Hit the smoothie button again.
Add more liquid if you want it thinner and then pulse a few times