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Pathway to Purchase Program - Up to Twenty Thousand Dollars to Help You Buy a Home in Tucson Arizona
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Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance in Tucson AZTucson Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program

Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program is definately unique.  We have worked with many down payment assistance programs over the last 20+ years and I can tell you that I have never seen one like this.

So, P2P may very will be the best down payment assistance program we’ve ever had available in Tucson AZ. Pathway to Purchase (P2P) down payment assistance program is only available in certain cities and Tucson Arizona is one of them.
YAY Cities that Qualify are: Tucson, Sahaurita, Vail, Green Valley AZ

Here is what I like about Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance:

  1. Need a FICO score of 640 or greater
  2. You can make up to $92,984 gross income
  3. You can buy a home with a sales price of up to $371,936
  4. Pathway to Purchase is a true, zero down payment required from buyer loan program
  5. You can buy a residential property as long as you do not own another at time of purchase
  6. You can use up to $20,000 towards your down payment and or closing costs
  7. In addition, you can use some of the money to pay your mortgage insurance up front
  8. The amount you use towards your down payment now becomes equity
  9. You can buy a single family home or town homes.  No condos, no new builds
  10. You do not have to be a first time home buyer
  11. You can be a first home buyer
  12. A second lien is placed on the home for the amount you borrow and is forgiven after you have lived in the home for only 5 years
  13. If you use some of the down payment assistance money to pay for mortgage insurance up front, as a result, it may be a tax deduction for that year ( check with you CPA of course)
  14. You can use the Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance to put up to 10% down
  15. You can use the down payment assistance to put 5% down and pay some or all of your  closing costs. This includes up front mortgage insurance AKA MIP.
  16. The required home buyers education can be taken online via MGIC
    you can take the buyers education course at one of the approved HUD locations.
  17. Sellers can use Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program to buy another home after they sale their existing home.
  18. There is $1,500,000 allocated to Pathway to Purchase Program (P2P) down payment assistance program each month for 10 months starting Aug 2018

You Can Be In The Money,  Watch the Video

Hi  friends, and friends of friends, we are viewing in 360 degrees, which is pretty cool. So, if you have a cell phone, all you have to do is tilt it forward, backwards, left, or right. If you are on a desktop or laptop, you can use the mouse to scroll up and down. You can look at the ceiling or the floor or the side walls.

Money is falling from the sky and I want to get some of it for you!  Oh, money is also falling from the sky in the video 🙂  If you want to check that out, that would be Tamara and Iesha up there throwing it at me. Hi guys!

Now back to me, because we are here to give you some really great information today. We are here to tell you about 48 million dollars that is sitting in a bank account, ready to be released sometime in July, 2016. That’s coming really quickly.

The money is for a program called Pathway to Purchase and through this program, you can get up to $20,000 to use towards your down payment and closing costs. There are only a few qualifications and restrictions (see below). If you’d like to take advantage of Pathway to Purchase, please give us a call at (520) 631-8669 or, if it’s late at night and I’m sleeping, read this entire page and send me a message.

If you don’t need that money, somebody you know does, please like and share this video right away, and call your friends and let them know about this program. It’s really awesome and you can be their champion; help them buy a new home.

Here are some of  Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance rules:

  1. Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance can not be used with a construction to perm loan
  2. Pathway to Purchase can not be used with a refinance
  3. The availability of the funds is subject to change without prior notice
  4. Availability of the Pathway to Purchase funds is on a first come first served basis
  5. There is no minimum loan amount (lenders minimum loan amount guidelines may apply)
  6. There are no reserve requirements (lenders reserve requirements may apply)
  7. Cash back to the borrow is not allowed
  8. You must qualify to use Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance
  9. You can not have received a mortgage loan in the past three years from the following:
    City of Tucson
    Pima County
    The Industrial Development Authorities
  10. Loan to value ratio (LTV) cannot exceed 95%
  11. Debt to income ratio (DTI) cannot exceed 45%
  12. Mortgage must be Fannie Mae HFA Preferred

Search Homes that May Qualify Under Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance.

For Condos and Lofts that may qualify with Pathway to Purchase – Call Today @ (520) 631-TONY (8669)


$150,000 – 200,000

$200,000 – 250,000

$250,000 – 300,000

$300,000 – 350,000

$350,000 – 371,936

How do I start?

Call or text me: (520) 631-TONY (8669)
Email me:

Frequently Asked Questions about Pathway to Purchase,
another Great Down Payment Assistance Program to Help You Buy a Home

How do I get Pre-Qualified for the program?

Finally, the Pathway to Purchase  has arrived.  Call me, Tony Ray, at (520) 631-TONY (8669) and I will introduce you to the right loan officer. I will make sure you are referred to someone that I know well and you can trust. Only participating lenders are able to help you with this program, most of which will have a physical office location in Tucson AZ.

Online and out of state lenders will most likely not participate, which in my opinion is great.  It is in your best interest to have a local loan officer, local underwriter and local appraiser who understand homes and neighborhoods in Tucson AZ.

Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program provides up to $20,000 to help you buy a home in Tucson AZ
Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program provides up to $20,000 to help you buy a home in Tucson AZ

If I sell my home, can I use the Pathway to Purchase (P2P) down payment assistance program?

Yes, as long as you sell your current home, you can buy another home with this program.  After the 2007-2008 crash, many homeowners have just enough equity to pay title company and brokerage fees if they sell.  Unfortunately that means that these sellers must use their own monies to buy another home.  Fortunately, P2P will help these sellers up-size, downsize, make a lateral move to a new school district or what ever they may need.

Am I borrowing the money used towards my closing costs and down payment?

The Pathway to Purchase program offer buyers (who qualify ) down payment and closing cost assistance in the form of a silent second lien.  If you stay in the home for 5 years and have not done a cash out refinance, the silent 2nd is 100% forgiven.

What is the interest rate on the second, silent loan?

The silent, 2nd loan has a zero percent interest rate.

What kind of loan is this?

The loan is a Fannie Mae (conventional) loan.

I have seen different information on other websites, did the Pathway to Purchase criteria change?

Yes, I believe it was June 10, 2016 that Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of Tucson AZ, announced that the maximum purchase price had been increased from $356,352 to the new limit of $371,936.  The Mayor also announced that the borrowers income limit had been changed from $89,088 gross per year to the new limit of $92,984.  I am not sure why they both increased, but again, yay. : )

What is the required buyers education class?

All buyers must complete the Pre-purchase Homebuyer Education Workshop.  You can take this course online and it should take about 4-6 hours.   You can also take this 8 hour course at one of these HUD approved agencies:

  1. Chicanos Por La Causa
  2. Family Housing Resources
  3. Old Pueblo Community Services
  4. Pio Decimo Center
  5. The Primavera Foundation, INC.
  6. MGIC (online only)

Can I buy a new construction / new home build?

No, P2P does not allow borrowers to purchase homes from new home builders, under construction, to be built, spec homes, etc.

Can I buy a loft or condo with the Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance money?

Yes, as long as the loft or condo is warranted under Fannie Mae guidelines.  Contact Tony Ray for more information on which lofts and condos are eligible.

Can I buy a manufactured home with the P2P?

No, single family manufactured homes are not allowed to be purchased with this program.

I am a non-permanent resident, can I buy a home with the Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program?

US residential status can be permanent or non-permanent, however, Fannie Mae guidelines do apply.

info for Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program in Tucson AZ
Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program provides up to $20,000 to help you buy a home in Tucson AZ

What if I cannot stay in the home for the full 5 years?

If you leave the home, sell the home or rent the home before the required 5 year occupancy term is up, the borrowed amount will become a lien on the home.

Can I do a cash out refinance during the first 5 years of owning the home?

No, if you did, the second, silent lien would be a second mortgage to be repaid.

Are there other cities where we can use the Pathway to Purchase (P2P) down payment assistance program?

Yes and here is the list:
Arizona City, Avondale, Buckeye, Casa Grande, Coolidge, Douglas,
El Mirage, Fort Mohave, Goodyear, Huachua City, Laveen, Maricopa,
Red Rock, Sierra Vista, Snowflake, Tucson, Yuma

How do I start?

Call or text me: (520) 631-TONY (8669)
Email me:

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