The Fox Tucson Theatre

The Fox Tucson Theatre originally named The Tower, opened on April 11, 1930, as a performance space in downtown Tucson. The theater has been refurbished and has ranked as a National Historic Landmark due to its unique acoustics and beautiful 1930’s décor. This is one of my favorite things on the “to do” list.

Today, The Fox Tucson Theatre brings the community together to enjoy multiple types of shows. Movies, bands, comedy routines, stage performances, you name it, they have you covered for an experience you won’t forget.

The theater screens some of my favorite movies, such as Casablanca. I really love this movie and to watch it in a beautiful theater, with an amazing history, is just icing on the cake. My favorite spot is the love seats, on the balcony. You can always find me up there while I’m munching on some popcorn and drinking wine. Fancy, right? 😉 Altogether, It’s definitely a great time out and an experience that everyone should check out for themselves.

The Fox Tucson Theatre: Where do I park?

Parking downtown is easy and convenient. There are over 12 parking garages, including parking lots. There are also various parking spaces located near the theatre located on Congress, Stone, and Church St. Parking is free at most meters after 5 PM and also on the weekends.

Pro tip: Do not park at the meters covered with red cloth at any time. These are usually marked off due to designated events like 2nd Saturdays or street repair.

Have a great day,
TonyRay 🙂